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An indie music blog based out of Chicago this blog features exclusive live sessions from some of the most popular indie artists. HearYa gives indie music fans and enthusiasts a place with easy to find information about current bands and new bands, helping them discover some great music.
Only the Beat
Only The Beat's goal is to "make music discovery easy." It is a dance music platform and community that allows you to step away from mainstream commercialized music and discover new music. It has up-to-date news and events that allow fans to gather together and get to know their favorite musicians.
Based out of Belgium, Tomorrowland has a beautiful web property with video, audio, and photo galleries full of radiant colors and shapes that will definitely catch your eye.
HouseBanq is your home for new house music updates. They publish house music news, mixes, free downloads, interviews & more. Sub-genres include soulful, deep, tech, electro, afro, minimal, progressive and techno.
HuffPost Music
You won't find many niche sub-genres at HuffPost, but for popular music, it is one of the best.
Mumbling About...
This blog could now be a testament to procrastination. The editor, Tony, says he mumbles, mutters, rants, and pontificates too much about music and books. So he thought he’d write it down instead and save the ears of my loved ones from having to block out his opinions.
DAFTWHO? is an Australian-based electronic music blog created and run by Anthony Zayler. Talking dubstep, electro, house, drum n bass, trash, and techno – as well as music videos, events, and giveaways!
SheBOPS is a fresh and vibrant music site, exclusively covering as many of the world’s most brilliant female musicians as humanly possible. It’s the Internet’s premier site for Girl Power in the music industry!
With the goal to make music is free to listen, Mr.MP3s believes music is the life and soul of our every day-by-day living.
Jenn grew up in the music Industry and went to school at New York University to pursue her law degree. Her company helps promote artists videos, singles, mixtapes and more.
Pop On And On
With a focus on "GOOD POP MUSIC," POP Music Obsessor/Blogger/Mixer/Masher-Upper/Remix Junkie POP covers your favorites like Britney, Rihanna, Ariana, and Selena while spotlighting emerging talent from newly signed artists to bedroom producers.
PureVolume is a website for the identification and promotion of new music and rising artists.
NME.COM covers music news and reviews, along with music videos and galleries, plus band features, blogs on your favorite artists, concert tickets, competitions and more.
Sixty 9 Hub
69 Hub “Sixty 9 Hub” is new on the scene and is a wide-ranging hub covering all things entertainment, whether music, movies or art!
Dance and Rave
Dance and Rave is building a global community with an excitement in or passion for electronic dance music and its culture.
EDM Identity Team
Join the EDM Identity Team as they investigate the electronic dance music genre and culture around the world.
Jessica Music
A blog by Jessica Duchen covering classical music, opera, ballet, recordings, and books. She's the author of five novels, two biographies and some stage works combining words and music.
Sync. is regularly updated (with several new posts per week), starring the very best in new music from both established acts as well as newcomers. Sync. leans towards alternative, indie, and dance.
Brighton Music Blog
Brighton Music Blog is solely about bands from Brighton (UK), and they’ve got their hands full covering local bands.
The Come Up Show
The Come Up Show is a multimedia display of Hip-Hop culture "dedicated to sharing the latest and greatest in Canadian & International Hip Hop and providing fresh, cutting-edge programming."
Primal Music
Based in Dublin Ireland, Primal Music has a focus on Unsigned / Small Independent Labels, Shoegaze, Dreampop, Post-Rock Post-Punk & Psych bands from all around the earth.
This Must Be Pop
This Must Be Pop is well-established, founded in June 2003 as one of the original pop music blogs. This site showcases the most promising new pop songs and artists while discussing the music industry "in a way that appeals to those who work within it, as well as those who are just obsessed with it."
Caesar Live N Loud
A positive, non-pretentious, blog about music. While not technical, the goal of this site is to help out young and struggling artists to promote their music and reach a larger audience.
Mugatunes is the home of #NoShittyMusic. The intercollegiate music distribution site that brings you the best fresh music out there, including Hip-Hop, Study, Dance, Party, Chill, Rap, EDM, & College playlists.
Find out everything you need to know about what's going on in the Austin Music scene. Band interviews, concert reviews, mp3s & more. Ovrld is your guide to the excellent music from, in, and around the live music capital of the world - Austin, Texas.
9 Bullets
9 Bullets has a passionate group of writers, opining and curating fantastic music and the people that make it.
Cover Lay Down
Cover Lay Down regularly posts new coverfolk features, for the purpose of introducing readers to new and previously-unappreciated musicians.
We All Want Someone To Shout For
We All Want Someone To Shout For is a music blog run by Will Oliver, covering concerts in NYC as well as new mp3's, news, and album reviews.
A music blog focused on covering "up & coming bands, and keeping you up to date with all the latest music news."
Wolf in a Suit
A music blog where you will see the latest and best tracks in Indie music, including interviews, articles, reviews, and recommendations.
Indietronica is a newer blog, dedicated to providing news and sounds from indietronica, which combines elements of indie, electro, electronica, rock, and pop.
Et Musique Pour Tous
Et Musique Pour Tous is a boutique music and culture website about "space age bachelor pad music." EMPT strays from the typical Top 20’s while being committed to providing insightful writing, good music and worldwide cultural feed.
LA Weekly
Not many places on the planet are as happening as Los Angeles, and LA Weekly is always on top of the newest music news, concerts, and reviews.
BlissGh wants you to "feel the taste of good music" and is the spot for The Latest Nigeria Music, Ghana Music, and African Music.
The Burning Ear
The Burning Ear is a music blog for people who don’t have time for music blogs. They sift through tons of new music.
LIVE digs concerts, festivals, and bands that rock playing live (launched in 2004!)
Here you will find the freshest Indie/Underground Hip Hop music from around the world (receiving hundreds of submissions a day).
HighClouds' goal is stated as "to give the world a steady stream of news about promising, exciting and emerging talents." THey are mad about emerging talented artists, reviewing materials (album, EP, video, tracks) from new up-and-coming artists.
Led by Aja, ThisIsHowYouMusic is a wealth of indie music knowledge. Look to her for helpful concert advice.
ILoveGreatMusic is regularly updated with everything urban music.
BBC Music Magazine
Listen to classical music online, along with music reviews and current releases, including guides to the renowned composers, artist interviews and much more.
Turtle Tempo
A London-based music discovery blog with a goal of giving upcoming independent artists the recognition they deserve.
Britznbeatz loves good music and is an excellent platform for discovering rising artists as well as music interviews and the latest music videos and original playlists.
For The Love Of Bands
Here is another impressive resource to discover remarkable new independent and emerging talent.
One Stop Record Shop
Covering pop, rock, indie and more, this blog founded by Danielle De Wolfe is a perceptive resource for music and entertainment news, reviews, new releases, festival coverage and funny musical mash-ups to the masses.
Billed as a music community, Next2Shine provides revealing interviews with growing talent, showcasing pieces on emerging trends and cultures.
Based in Brooklyn, this is an in-depth ezine covering the best of the underground.
Largehearted Boy
Largehearted Boy features free and legal music downloads as well as knowledge from the worlds of music, literature, and pop culture.
Grimy Goods
Grimy Goods is another excellent Los Angeles music lifestyle blog. It's a hip site to discover the best new indie music and concerts.
By The Wavs
By The Wavs reports on everything and anything EDM, "one wav at a time." This wonderful site covers post mixes, live sets, new songs, concerts, festivals, news, and albums.
Okayplayer began all the way back in 1999 and is known as the original progressive urban music site.
Pop, Rinse, Repeat
Featuring mostly indie pop music (and some tried and true artists as well), this blog showcases the best up-and-coming artists.
The Wild Honey Pie
Started in June 2009 in New York, here is a group of friends that blog about, film with, and put on concerts for their favorite bands. The blog covers mostly indie pop, folk, rock, and electronic varieties.
Run by Tiffany Daniels, DrunkenWerewolf was founded in 2005. The site provides daily music reviews, features, and interviews.
Fake Shore Drive
Fake Shore Drive is hip-hop blog based in Chicago. Its main focus is "showcasing Chicago’s hip-hop and R&B scene," however it has grown to cover the entire midwest urban music scene."
Podcart is Scottish-based, covering all things music. They also produce weekly podcasts.
The World’s Jukebox
For all you folklorists, ethnomusicologists or just adventurous music lovers, you’ll love this site covering ethnic and regional music.
Heavy Blog is Heavy
A blog dedicated to heavy music covering metal news, reviews, and interviews.
AMBY - A Music Blog, Yea?
Run by Alicia from Toronto, the blog has a vast catalog of interviews (over 1,500), working to expose new bands to readers.
Launched in November 2005 and pronounced like the river in Egypt: ’Nile-er,’ this is the most highly trafficked Irish music blog.
The Music Ninja
The staff at The Music Ninja have all "been trained in the secret arts of auto-tune detection and mediocre bass lines" and bring regular updates up-and-coming artists across all genres from around the world.
ZMB - Zambian Music Blog
ZMB is dedicated to Hip Hop / Rap / R&B / Afropop / Kalindula / Rhumba, and Contemporary Urban Music as well as helping Zambian artists showcase their music.
The AU Review
Discover Australia's best new music.
Louder Than War
The folks at Louder Than War believe in "the power of Rock 'n' Roll" as well as "the pop culture wars." Their focus is on the newest rock, punk, metal and alternative music news, plus album and gig reviews.
Slipped Disc
A blog by Norman Lebrecht, Slipped Disc receives contributed content from its readers covering classical music and related cultures.
Under the Radar
Under the Radar bills itself as "the solution to music pollution." It is a website for an indie music magazine, covering web-exclusive interviews, photos, reviews, mp3s, videos, and music news.
Aquarium Drunkard
An eclectic audio blog featuring daily music reviews, interviews, features, mp3 samples, and sessions, this blog has been covering contemporary sounds (vintage garage, psych, folk, country, soul, funk, and R&B) since 2005.
Ditto Music: Unsigned Advice
Ditto Music is a music distribution service, and has an excellent blog called Unsigned Advice helping provide musicians with the tools to succeed and build a brand.
Tiny Mix Tapes
Tiny Mix Tapes provides reviews, interviews, and articles covering a vast variety of genres, including independent releases, major label releases, and self-releases.
Gorilla vs. Bear
Gorilla vs. Bear, genre-agnostic blog covering the artists of the day, founded by Chris Cantalini.
Journal of a Piano teacher from New York to California
A thorough compilation of essays on classical music.
EARMILK bills itself as "all milk, no duds" and is a music discovery blog covering everything from dance, hip-hop, and electronic, indie rock, trap, witch-house, EDM, post-dubstep, Dreamwave, alternative and probably about 500 others.
Always updated with the latest news, music, videos, performances, interviews, gossip, is a leading destination for the latest R&B music and news.
EDM Sauce
EDM Sauce is one of the larger websites dedicated to new Electronic Dance Music.
The 405
Founded by Oliver Primus, the 405 is an online music and culture magazine packed with the latest music and film news, reviews, and interviews.
Indie Shuffle
Led by Jason Grishkoff, Indie Shuffle is successful music blog that covers indie rock, electronic, hip-hop, and folk music.
EDM Nations
Bringing together EDM fans and artists from around the world, EDM Nations brings you all the freshest news.
This Song is Sick works with musicians and record labels from around the globe to showcase electronic, hip-hop, indie, and alternative music.
One of the most popular YouTube channels, on MrSuicideSheep will you will find a wide variety of music, with a focus on electronic.
Drowned in Sound
Originally started in 1998, is known for its irreverent opinions and is edited by Sean Adams.
Popjustice's focus is pop music, offering "pop the respect it deserves and the disrespect it deserves since the turn of the century" (it was founded in 2000).
The Boombox
The Boombox is the hip-hop and R&B news and lifestyle destination online for the young, educated urban audience.
Hip-Hop Wired
Keeping you informed on the latest hip-hop news, Hip-Hop Wired delivers news, videos and streaming tracks from your favorite rap artists.
BrooklynVegan is an independent, NYC-centric, mostly-music blog that focuses on international music news, live show reviews, pictures, tour dates, gossip, tips, MP3’s, streams, videos, and much more.
Hype Machine
Hype Machine wants you to "fall in love with something new." Mainly, it will help you watch the internet for new music.
NPR - All Songs Considered
All Songs Considered is the place to discover and discuss new music. Check out their weekly program – available as streaming audio, talking contemporary music, live concerts, and artist interview.
Straight up this is a blog about Metal.
Dancing Astronaut
Covering "all corners of the dance music spectrum," Dancing Astronaut is one of the leading dance music media sites in the world.
All Music
AllMusic is an in-depth resource, including reviews, album, musician and song information, ratings and picks, and sound samples.
Metal Underground
Going strong for more than a decade, Metal Underground has got somethign for nearly every die-hard metalhead.
Exclusively focused on hip-hop and R&B, Rap-Up (founded in 2001) is an online magazine worth checking out.
Run the Trap
Run The Trap bills itself as "a new order for underground music and culture," with a focus on Trap Music, EDM, and Hip Hop.
Reddit Music
If you don't already know, Reddit is the place to be. This subreddit is the most massive musical community on Reddit.
Your online home for EDM, including music downloads, artist interviews, industry news, curated playlists, and trending charts.
Pigeons and Planes
Pigeons and Planes is a genre-agnostic, focusing on music discovery to helping you find "good music made by good artists," regardless of whether the artist is well-known or still a newcomer.
Metal Injection
Launched in 2004, Metal Injection is one of the leading metal sources on the internet.
Consequence of Sound
The Consequence of Sound is a Chicago-based publication founded by Alex Young with a full staff of dedicated writers, photographers, directors, and contributors.
Music Assent
Music Assent will help you keep tabs on the latest trends, album releases, upcoming artists, concert announcements, and random music facts.
Focused on reviews and user-submitted content, Sputnikmusic is a fantastic site for music news and enhancing one's musical appreciation.
Pitchfork is probably the web's most popular music resource, treating indie rock, hip-hop, electronic, pop, metal, and experimental music to regular reviews, features, and interviews.

Whew – that was quite the list! Make sure to let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with this compilation!

Both musicians and nonmusicians alike will find these blogs to be a great source of information. Whether it is album reviews, up and coming artists, instrument reviews and even gossip (who doesn’t love to spill the tea once in awhile?).

I find all sorts of blogs interesting because I play guitar, piano and write my own songs. Although I’m not a rock star (yet, lol), I dedicate most of my free time to music. It is imperative to me to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in music, find reviews on instruments before I spend half of my mortgage on one, and even get a bit of the latest news about my favorite musicians.



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