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PenniHi, my name is Penni. Let me take a minute and outline what we do at Hear the Music Play.

I’ve been obsessed with playing and teaching music since I was 10 years old, piano performance and pedagogy being my specialties (Utah State University 1983). I’ve had hundreds of students over the years (piano and organ) who have at some point asked for my advice on what to buy to support their learning.

Hear the Music Play is run by myself and has added other specialists as we have grown, working to simply provide the best picks, regardless of affiliate or advertising potential.

We don’t accept free product or compensation for specific product placement.

Where appropriate we include links (this is at no additional cost to you) to shops where we can earn a small commission. You can support us by learning about and buying the products we have recommended through the links in our articles.

Each of our guides takes many dozens of hours to create – much more than your typical review site or magazine. The choices we’ve made in our articles took a significant investment of time, including interviewing experts on the topic. We work to avoid using unqualified “experts” or referencing less reputable sites as sources.

We hope it helps you make the best decision on what musical instruments and gear to buy. Drop us a line to let use know your thoughts.

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