How To Create an Amateur Music Video That Stands Out

How To Create an Amateur Music Video That Stands Out

Two of the main goals of a new band are to put a few songs together and get some recognition for their hard work. Most bands go about this by self-promoting and making their songs widely available. However, a commonly overlooked method of gaining recognition is through music videos. This approach is more difficult to pull off, but it can achieve some killer results if done well. If you want to learn how to create an amateur music video that stands out, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative

When the goal is to stand out, creativity is key. We could list out some examples, but the best ideas are ones that come from you that fit your band’s style. Let’s take a look at the group OK Go for an example. You might not know them by name, but you’ll remember them for their treadmill music video. With a simple camera, eight treadmills, and a well-choreographed routine, OK Go made one of the most iconic music videos of all time. If you and your bandmates put your minds to it, you can do something equally unique with very little.

Use a Single Visual Hook

Since this will likely be your first music video, it’s best to keep things simple with one visual hook. Maybe it’ll be a crazy set of outfits or set at a single location. Many modern music videos like to go multiple places and go through a bunch of clothing changes. It’s best to stick with one thing to save both time and money. Plus, since the norm is to change things up constantly, you might stand out more by keeping your visuals more basic.

Find the Proper Equipment

Of course, you can’t film a music video without the proper equipment. While this is probably where most of your budget will go, you should start by asking friends or family if they have anything you can borrow. Even older cameras and lights might be good enough depending on what kind of style you’re going for, but high-quality staging effects go a long way toward standing out.

If you end up buying new equipment, make sure you buy some that will last. For example, if you want to utilize a green screen, you should purchase a good one since it will come in handy during future music videos. Just be sure you know how green screen production works before investing.

Be Sure To Edit the Video

The true trick for learning how to create an amateur music video that stands out is to focus on your editing. This is where you will fix up any minor mistakes from the shoot and give your video more style. You don’t even have to be good at editing to do this yourself. By downloading free editing software and watching a few instructional videos, you can put something together that stands out among the crowd. Even if your editing skills are bad, you can make that a part of your video’s style. If done right, people might love it.

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