Get Inspired with 55 Tattoos for Music Lovers

Well-placed, quality tattoos can be stunning. Ready for some smooth AF tattoos? 🎸🎹🎺

If you are a music lover, here are 55 unique/artful design ideas for inspiration:

1) Mozart Sheet Music (Forearm) 🎼

2) Sleeve in Process

Credit: @adplace49

3) Abstract 80’s Mixtape 🎶

4) Beautiful Flowers and Notes

Credit: @balla_kako

5) Big Traditional Gramophone

Credit: @benjadins

6) Music is Life (Shin)

Credit: @chofolemcke

7) Saxophone (Shin)

8) Sheet Music 🎵

If you want a sheet music tattoo like this, then you’d better bring your piggy bank, because this type of work is very time-consuming.

9) Red Floyd Chili Pepper

10) Minimalistic Music Player

11) Musical Symbols

12) Be Whoever You Want to Be – Guitars

13) Music Montage 😳

Credit: @guimoraesz

14) Saxophone

Credit: @ink_by.m

15) A Collage of Music Notes

16) Nashville Music City

17) Elegant Musical Notes

Credit: @jeni_the_jedi

18) Wu-Tang Clan-Reunited

Credit: @jr.tats

19) The First Notes of a Song

20) Musician Image

21) Headphones, Mic, and Sheet Music

22) Music Notes

23) Tiny Gramaphone

24) Sleeve for a Guitar Player


25) Guitar Sleeve Coverup Tattoo

26) Water Color Sheet Music

27) Handpoked Musical Note Finger Decoration

Credit: @nonolottie

28) Flowers and Guitar

29) Musical Frequency

30) Jimi Hendrix

31) Mic Montage (Chest)

Credit: @pumukel_182

32) Mix of Nature and Symbols

33) Multiple Meanings

Credit: @santiagotr

34) Song with Sheet Music and an Eye

35) You’re Such a Sad Song

Credit: @slaytattoo

36) Unicorn Guitar

37) Tribute to the Chilli Peppers

38) Band Logos: sztuka_ciala AC DC, Metallica, Guns n Roses, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer

39) Snare Drum Schematics Fineline Circles and Lines 🥁

Credit: @tat2wince

40) Musica

41) Bicep Music

42) Bass Guitar Tattoo

43) Note Mix

Credit: @tonton_tedk

44) Music is Life Itself

45) Simple Pulse Line

46) Musical Sleeve Mix

47) Musical Sheet Music on the Arm

Credit: @0one_tattoo

48) One Line Tattoo and Guitar

Credit: @gang2tattoo

49) Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

50) Never Forget What Makes You Happy

Credit: @cata.jim_

51) Calf Guitar

52) Flowers Mixed with Music

Credit: @kaisatattoo

53) Treble Clef

54) Forearm Musical Symbols

Credit: @jas_tattooz

55) Red Hot Chili Pepper

Credit: @peter_pyker


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