Get Inspired with 31 Home Studio Setups

A bit of inspiration can go a long way.


You’ve got the equipment, you’ve got the ideas, now all you need is to create your in-home studio setup. In all honesty, there is no science to it and you should go with what feels good to you. You can always rearrange and nothing is set in stone because this is your studio, and you make the rules!

1)           Tinytaperoom

A classic-looking setup that has been built into the alcove of the room, making good use of the space that is available. The large mixing desk/table takes center stage and you can see the rack-mounted gear and synth tucked away around the corner, showing you that you don’t need everything at close quarters, just the equipment you use most often.

2)           Districtsoundlab

A full-professional layout from Districtsoundlab, the curved desk and monitor shows that no costs have been spared when creating this setup. The monitor stands are sitting at just the right level for optimal sound performance.

3)          ohyeahpaulchin

A minimalist and modern looking design from iamkoyu. This setup keeps things simple and reduces the clutter to make the environment just right for creating and producing music.

4)           allisonlynchmusic

A spacious and modern setup that looks and feels very clean. The built-in monitor design is a nice touch and certainly helps to save on space. The custom-built desk fits nicely around the wall and provides plenty of room for equipment.

5)           show_us_your_studio

A traditional sized setup with two large cabinets to the side which houses all of the rack-mounted gear. This is a great example of having everything within arms reach to increase the day-to-day workflow.

6)           neon_vines

The setup from neon-vines shows that you can squeeze a lot into a small space, it’s a classic bedroom style layout with desks and work surfaces to the front and side. It might look slightly cramped but a setup like this would be very productive once you know where everything sits.

7)           stephenleeprice

An organized setup that keeps the important equipment close and built-in to the main desk, keeping the other gear stored away in the cabinet to the side. Another good example of a classic studio layout.

8)           lucafrappola

The clean and minimalist design from Luca Frappola is a perfect example of keeping things simple, centered around the Apple iMac. A regular beginner setup would not be much different to this, starting out simple and growing from there.

9)           austinwcannon

A simple setup that doesn’t require too much space and one that could easily fit into a bedroom or study room at home. The desk is not too deep yet holds enough surface area for the monitor, keyboards, and other equipment.

10)       Marlon_gibbons

A compact studio setup with the basics done right. The monitors are positioned correctly and the screen fits perfectly in between, a great example of using your space wisely. The synth on the left is also placed within easy reach which will increase workflow.

11)       audiogearz

A neat and tidy setup that has been built into a loft conversion. It goes to show that you don’t need a huge space to get yourself up and running, this layout has all the basics and still has room for future upgrades.

12)       thebeatacademy

A professional setup with all the trimmings. The built-in rack space and screens have all been designed to create the perfect environment for the producer to work in. A useful example for those of you who are looking to create something more high-end.

13)       travisballmixing

Minimalist. Simple. Effective. You can tell that his setup has been created to put the user in the most relaxing and creative environment possible. It has an almost Zen-like state to it and would definitely be a great place to record and produce music.

14)       synapsestudios

The setup above is another one that could easily be replicated in your bedroom or spare room. The soundproofing is simple yet effective and the desk design has been thought-out with the user’s equipment in mind. Everything fits in perfectly.

15)      musix_on

A comfortable and relaxed layout gives you the impression that people can just sit back and chill out. A setup that could easily be recreated at home and would not need too much effort on your part. The desk itself manages to hold all of the necessary equipment and keeps everything together.

16)      studiodeskfurniture

Home Studio Desk is a specialist company who design and build high-end desk solutions. They have plenty of experience and you can’t help but be impressed when you look through their product designs. Plenty of inspiration to be found here!

17)       marvinobeats

A compact setup that still manages to create room for several pieces of equipment. You will find that some musicians and producers use more instruments and audio gear than others, and this layout shows that it is possible to keep everything organized and within reach.

18)      musicianlifeofficial

A clean setup that keeps the larger instruments out of the way, creating an uncluttered space in front of the screen. Using side desks or cabinets gives you quick access to the equipment that you use regularly. A useful layout idea for smaller spaces.

19)       gargolandia

An unusual design in terms of what we have seen so far. This setup places most of the studio gear away to the sides, keeping the screen and monitors in the center of the layout. It goes to show that setting up your studio comes down to personal preference and the layout should be in sync with how you like to work.

20)       ohboy_music

A simple layout with the use of rack space below the desk to keep most of the gear away from the workspace on top. The sound-proofing and simple monitor stands just go to show that you don’t need to spend thousands to get your studio up and running.

21)       andiherzog

Another small room setup that makes great use of the space. Take note of the monitor stands and wall-mounted screen, this all helps to increase the amount of workspace on the desk, opening the possibility of adding more equipment further down the line.

22)       wsdgofficial

A setup that certainly has a modern feel to it. Not all rooms are square or rectangle-shaped, meaning that sometimes you need to work your setup around curved walls or uneven corners. Custom-built desks usually come in very handy when this is the case.

23)       alican.yazicioglu

A studio with a view, anyone? Notice the clever use of stands in this setup. The advantage of using stands is that you can easily move or fold them away when not in use. Especially useful in confined spaces like high-rise apartments!

24)       remixraf

The correct use of integrated rack space is perfectly shown here, due to the narrow room size there is minimal space for side cabinets. The rack space conveniently holds all of the necessary gear within the desk space.

25)       thirdsonmusic

A design like this will lead to plenty of inspiration and plenty of workspace for the user. The tiered keyboard stand is a clever way to store your gear. You can see that everything is positioned within arms reach, offering a simple workflow within a limited space.

26)       glade_mixing

Here we have another deep desk design that creates plenty of space to work on. The rest of the gear is all in close proximity, using stands and well-positioned rack mounts. A clever design that makes use of the limited space that’s available!

27)      noisegate_aus

A setup that shows you can still create a studio with minimal space, the use of a standard desk means that there is not a lot of room to maneuver, but, everything is in place and ready to go. Again, it all comes down to personal preference.

28)       woz_nyc

A great example that shows how some users like to keep the lesser-used equipment out of the way, the use of rack cabinets to the side keeps everything organized and offers easy access for whenever something is called upon.

29)       slatedigital

A high-end design with built-in screens and integrated rack-mounted gear. This design has obviously been crafted to suit the workflow of the owner, the workspace has been sacrificed for the dual-screen layout. Another example of how your studio setup should follow your personal requirements.

30)       mix_with_rabaudio

A desk from the RAB studio desk company, showing us what a compact and tidy setup should look like. These desks are specially designed to maximize space and increase workflow, with various designs available, RAB is an excellent source of inspiration.

31)       sslaudio

A setup that has seen many upgrades over the years by the looks of it, the huge amount of gear is impressive and it just goes to show how much space your equipment can take up. Even though the desk is relatively small, you can see how the rack cabinets have managed to keep everything organized.


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