The Best Harmonica Cases

It may not occur to some people that you need to buy a special case for a harmonica since most harmonicas already come with a case.

Depending on the case that was provided, you may want a larger case that carries multiple harmonics, or you may need something more durable that will not only protect your harmonica from getting damaged but also keep dust and lint from getting inside it.

After having been a musician for over thirty years, I do know how important the right cases are to carry around your equipment to gigs.

You want something durable that can withstand a few hits as you are moving things around, but you also want something that will keep your instruments secure, safe, and clean from dust and debris.

Remember, it is always important to read some reviews and see what works well for others and learn what cases do not work well at all. Here are a few tips on what to look for in a harmonica case and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

Our top choice is great for those musicians that are on the road a lot and who may want to keep their harmonica from getting damage, but also want to keep it close for easy access.


Top Pick: Hohner Zippered Case

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A comfortable case to put in your pocket wth a soft interior that will keep your harmonica protected while keeping out dust and debris.

Features of Harmonica Cases


The size of a harmonica case can range from a single case up to a 20 pack. What size you need just depends on how many harmonicas you have to store and how many you may want to take with you to gigs.

A single size case is a good size if you like carrying your harmonica in your pocket and like to take it out periodically if you are stuck in traffic.

Larger cases are convenient if you have different types and sizes that you will need to use during a gig.


Cases can be closed in several different ways. Some cases can just be rolled up while others will have a strap to secure it closed, and others will have an actual fastener that will hold it securely in place.

It is also important that the case closes securely enough that lint and dust do not get inside the harmonicas

Stage Use

For those that use their harmonicas at gigs, there are some cases that come equipped to be used on stage.

They are specifically designed to attach right on to a mic stand, so you have easy access to all your harmonicas when you need them.

Some cases are also versatile in the way they hang on the mic stand or the wall, so you can vary it up depending on what you have to hang the case on.


Soft Cases

Single pouch cases often come in a softer material, often leather, that is used to protect the harmonica from being scratched.

These cases are more flexible and are great if you are going to carry your harmonica in your pocket, so it is a little more comfortable.

Hard Cases

Larger cases tend to have a harder material that will protect multiple harmonicas when you carry them from gig to gig.

If this is not something you are going to be carrying directly on your person, it probably will have a higher chance of getting banged around.

Interior of the Case

One thing that seems to be a consistent need among harmonica players is that there are dividers in the harmonica cases.

Dividers will help keep the harmonicas from coming into contact with each other and scratching each other. Also, it is important that the material the interior is made of does not get loose and get inside the harmonicas.

Our Recommendation:

Hohner Zippered Harmonica Case


When you are out gigging, it is always helpful if your instruments are easy to store and carry with you safely. You want to make sure you have a case that will keep the instrument from getting damaged as your move from place to place.

The Hohner Zippered Harmonica Case is the perfect case for musicians that are often on the road.

The Hohner Zippered Harmonica Case has a soft case that easily fits into your pants pocket, and the case protects your harmonica from moisture and dust.

Featuring a custom zipper pull, the Hohner Zippered Harmonica Case gives you additional space for a key label and has a secure zipper closure as well as a belt loop. This case is perfect for most ten hole diatonic harmonicas, and it can fit all brands.

The interior features a very snug compartment with inner padding that will protect your harmonica from damage and dust while you are traveling. This is not a bulky harmonica case, and it will fit very comfortably in your pocket.

The Hohner Zippered Harmonica Case is a nice looking and feeling case that will also protect your harmonica when you are on the road.

The included elastic band helps to securely place the case on your belt or strap that makes it convenient to access while you are playing.

The Hohner Zippered Harmonica Case is also a very affordable case, and it is available for only $10.


Most users were able to fit other brand harmonicas in the case
Zippers work well, case made of good quality material


Tight compartments for harmonicas, some users found them too small for their harmonicas
Interior had tight compartments

Other Products to Consider:

Fender ”Mississippi Saxophone” Tweed Harmonica Case


With a classic tweed exterior, the Fender “Mississippi Saxophone” Harmonica case can hold up to eighteen diatonic and one chromatic harmonicas and includes a compartment for microphones.

It features a cotton interior, brass latches, and a deluxe hardshell. The Fender “Mississippi Saxophone” Harmonica Case is available for around $85.


Very durable, especially when you are on the road
Professional appearance
Has the perfect amount of storage space


Does not have individual dividers which is somewhat inconvenient
A little on the expensive side

Seydel Hard Cover Case with Belt


If you gig a lot and need to carry quite a few harmonicas, the Seydel Hard Cover Case is your answer.

It can accommodate up to twenty harmonics, plus it can hold an extra two larger harmonicas or long microphones with its two additional Velcro holders.

Constructed with two hard covers, the outside is made with a tough synthetic weave and a smooth cloth lines the interior. Flexible Neoprene-like inside pockets are also provided that hold up to twenty harmonics in three racks.

The Seydel gives you good protection against scratches, plus it has an additional shockproof feature that protects your reed from being damaged.

Velcro closes the pockets of the flap on each row, and the middle row is removable and can be used to carry six harmonics as a belt bag or as an individual pouch. You can also attach a provided shoulder strap with the two eyes that are riveted on the outside.

This case allows you to always have easy access to your harps and equipment for only $75.


Well-made, good value for the price
Removable straps and Velcro are good for your larger harmonicas
Durable and nice size and shape


Pockets are a little tight for your harmonicas

Straight 8 Leather Harmonica Belt

To store your diatonic blues harmonicas that are used by all the blues and rock players, the Straight 8 Harmonica Belt. It can hold any harmonica model, plus the pockets are designed so you can easily grab any of your harps.

It securely closes as a roll up case with a strong leather strap and a solid military style brass buckle.

Left unrolled, the case becomes a belt, and you can tightly fasten the long strap with a D-ring buckle that gives you tons of versatility with a variety of adjustments. The harp belt can fit any waist size up to 43″.

Made of expensive Italian leather, this is a durable roll that has a soft suede on the reverse side. Extra protection is provided with the contrasting leather cover piece, plus there is a convenient address card holder behind the flap.

The flap can also be pulled over your harps to protect them as you carry them around. The Straight 8 Leather Harmonic Belt holder is available for just under $100.


Nice fine leather case, good quality
Nice craftsmanship,
Quality leather and construction


Have to loosen the pockets


Hohner C12 Molded Plastic Harmonica Case


The C12 Hohner Harmonica Case accommodates twelve Richter harps and one chromatic harmonic. It is made with a high impact plastic that includes solid aluminum that gives you the best harmonica protection.

This is also a lightweight case that includes a foam fitted inlay that keeps your harmonicas from shifting while you carry it. The Hohner C12 Case is available for around $50.


Opens flat so you can easily access your harps
Sturdy and holds a good amount of harmonicas
Ideal for beginner to intermediate level players


Foam from the inlay gets into your harmonicas

Lee Oskar 7 Harmonica Soft Pouch


The Lee Oskar 7 Harmonica Pouch is a convenient option for transporting 7 harps.

This zippered bag is great for gigs, and it comes with an attached strap that will keep all your harps in place. This well-made and durable bag is available for only $16.


Has elastic bands that hold your harmonica tightly
Well-made, holds your harmonicas in well
Nice inside pocket, good price


Some reviewers felt the harmonicas were held in too tight

Ever Ready Leather Harmonica Case

The Ever Ready Harmonic Case holds eight harmonicas that are typically used by folk and rock musicians.

Any brand will fit in this all-leather case that also features a wraparound strap to close the case and keep your harps safe from getting damaged.

The Ever Ready has a unique design where the harps interlock as you fold up the case.

You can easily hang up this case on a mic stand or even on a wall to be able to quickly grab a harmonica with one hand or put one back. They are always within easy reach and are also safe from accidents.

The way the strap is designed allows it to be hung in several different ways, and the case also features a small pocket that lets you store accessories like an S-hook. It is available for around $100.


Nice craftsmanship, well-made
Nice blues harp pouch
Works with large harmonicas


A little tight at first

Musician’s Gear Hardshell Harmonica Case

For a nice case at a good price, the Musician’s Gear Hardshell Harmonica Case will hold two chromatic and twenty diatonic harmonicas. It also has a removable tray and lots of extra room mics, cables, and other accessories.

Featuring a black Tolex cover, a plush interior with imitation leather accents and creme piping, this hardshell case has a locking latch found under the handle, and you can purchase it for around $70.


Simple, convenient case
Quality craftsmanship, well-constructed
Good value for the price


No separators inside

12 Pack Leather Harmonica Case

This 12 pack harmonica case can hold twelve smaller harmonics with ten holes that are commonly used by blues and rock players.

Made of leather, this case will hold any brand harmonica and it closely tightly with a large brass fastener that snaps and two leather straps.

Made with vegetable-tanned leather, this is a durable harmonica case that is 2mm thick. It has pockets that are specifically designed so that you can reach for your harps quickly.

Tough canvas is used in the case lining that gives you harps excellent protection. Plus, the case can easily be reversed, and you can reattach the straps to create a bench-top harp holder that allow for easier harp access.

This twelve pack harmonica case is available for only $140.


Great way to keep your harmonicas organized
Fits harmonicas perfects, great craftsmanship
Beautiful product, nice leather pieceCons:




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