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What Is a Luthier and How Do You Become One

Anyone with a love for music will appreciate the craftsmanship of a beautiful instrument. The measurements for musical scaling, woodworking for perfect balance, and carving for decoration all contribute to the masterpiece that is a finished instrument. While factories make cheaper instruments, the truly imaginative and fantastic instruments come from the hands of a luthier. But what is a luthier and how do you become one?

What Is a Luthier?

A luthier is a person who makes and repairs all kinds of stringed instruments. Luthiers made famous instruments starting in the mid-seventeenth century, fashioning violins, guitars, and more from the materials around them. In fact, Antonio Stradivari—arguably the most famous violin maker—created instruments that people still play today. One of his violins is currently worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

While the luthier profession is quite old, it still carries on today. All the handmade instruments in today’s music shops come from a tradesperson. In today’s world, famous musicians often want custom-made instruments to accompany their theme or act. For example, Gene Simmons’s Axe Bass and Prince’s Cloud are both custom-ordered guitars that fit a specific part of the performer’s act. If you hone your skills, you could make the next famous instrument to grace the hands of a master performer.

Why Choose This Career?

If you love music but don’t want to perform or compose for your entire career, you can consider becoming a luthier. Working as a luthier requires that you enjoy creating with delicate and detailed craftsmanship. Though the work is tedious, it’s quite rewarding when you place the finishing touches on an instrument. Imagine joining the ranks of craftspeople like Stradivari and Ruggieri as a luthier in your own right.

How Do You Become One?

Becoming a luthier involves years of work and fine-tuning. As you can imagine, making a playable musical instrument requires many calculations. If you want to develop your skills, start by workshopping on your own. Since luthier work is all about woodworking, you can try making guitars. You’ll need to learn the anatomy of a guitar to make all the pieces, but even the most rudimentary first try can give you the confidence you need to enroll in a luthier training program.

After working your way through a vocational training program, you’re ready for an apprenticeship. Since luthiers make instruments, the best way to learn is by doing. Just like medical students applying all their knowledge during a residency, luthiers must practice their woodworking knowledge during an apprenticeship. During your formal education, you should reach out to luthiers working in the area. The more hands-on experience you can get, the better.

The next time you think about your music career, ask yourself, “What is a luthier and how do you become one?” Your answer will help you determine the direction of your vocational journey. Who knows? You could grow your talent for woodworking and make a name for yourself in the performing arts world.

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