The Best Stage Lasers and Strobe Lighting

Any professional musician knows a successful show is much more than just the music. Lighting can make all the difference. That is why many musicians take great care to ensure they have the best stage lasers and strobe lighting. Lighting provides the ideal ambiance for an incredible performance.

No matter what type of stage you perform on, you must have the right lighting. Without it, your show just won’t look as exciting as it would if you have the right equipment. That’s why you should take your time looking for the perfect lighting for your stage performances. If you aren’t sure where to start looking, read on. This list will help you find stage lasers and strobe lighting of excellent quality and incredible features to make your shows look amazing.


Top Pick: Dragon X 4-Bar

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For professional gigs or parties, they provide plenty of light. Whether the venue is indoor or outdoor, it’s difficult to find such amazing quality, functional features, and powerful lights at this price.

The Benefits of the Best Stage Lasers and Strobe Lights

Several different types of lights can light up your performance, but to get people dancing and become a part of the show, you need the best stage lasers and strobe lighting. There are several benefits to using the best stage lasers and strobe lights for concerts, local performances, and even parties. But, before you go out shopping, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you planning a big party? Whether you are organizing a big event at a large venue or even just a house party, strobe lights can add the ambiance to liven up the party and make it look more professional.
  • Are you a DJ?More than in any other type of performance equipment, stage lasers and strobe lights can be that final touch to make your show one people will talk about for months to come. For example, a DJ show with great music but lacks fantastic lighting just isn’t the same.
  • Does your show include dance numbers?Strobe lights can add that special effect to the dance number for your song. If you want to impress, it’s worth it to invest in your lighting.
  • Do you need lights for your club?Proper lighting can make or break the success of a club. It helps to choose strobe lights to complement the style of your club. Also, consider the type of music your club provides.

From house parties to big concerts, strobe lights and stage lasers are an important part of planning an unforgettable party. Lighting has always been an important component in performances, whether they are musical, dancing, dramas or plays.

For some music performances, such as country or ballads, there may not be much need for strobe lights or stage lasers. But you will want to make sure you have them for lively dance music or electronic shows.

What to Look For in Stage Lasers and Lighting

When you want to buy the best stage lasers and strobe lights, you need to consider several things beforehand. Ask yourself these questions to determine what works for you:

  • Do you need lighting for a rave or DJ performance?
  • Is the stage big and does it require a lot of lighting?
  • How much amperage do you need?
  • Is it an outdoor or indoor venue?
  • Do you want to use LED or traditional lighting?

There several types of stage lights for various sizes and shapes of stages, so it is important to keep the above questions in mind when you are shopping. For example, buying a small strobe light for a large stage may be counter-productive as it may not provide enough lighting.

Specifics Make a Difference

Now that you understand when and why to use stage lasers and strobe lights, you may wonder what features to look for in them. It depends on these factors:

  • The type of show.
  • The type of lights you want.
  • The strength of the lighting necessary.
  • The size of the venue.

Traditional or LED Lighting?

One of the first decisions you will want to make when shopping for the best stage lasers and strobe lighting is if you want traditional or LED lights. LED lights allow for more control over the strength and temperature than other lights, but they don’t provide as much light when lighting up stages. Some performers prefer LED lights because they:

  • Last longer than traditional lights.
  • Provide more color options.
  • Make it easier to switch between colors and flashing effects.

However, traditional lights are better at providing solid color, as well as the kind of white light that is more flattering to the performer. In the end, the decision to purchase LED stage lasers or traditional lights is a matter of preference and what you need for the performance or party. Most professionals will tell you that LED strobe lights are better for DJ concerts and club lighting because it’s easier provide colors and flashing.

Quality Matters

In nearly every single product you purchase, quality matters. And when it comes to the best stage lasers and strobe lighting, you will throw away your money if you settle for cheap quality. Light bulbs, amperage, and electricity are all important components of lighting. Poor quality can mean quick burn outs or faulty equipment. So it’s important to shop for quality when it comes to your lights.

Sound Active or DMX Mode?

The idea of the lights automatically matching the music is a cool idea, but sound active mode is only ideal for house parties since it isn’t always dependable. When it comes to lighting a show, you want your lighting to be on point.

If you want to use DMX mode, look for a light with a DMX mode controller. This will allow you to control the lighting more effectively. Here are some helpful questions to answer, so you can decide:

  • What size is your venue? This is important to consider because even if you get one of the best lights on the market, it may not provide enough lighting for your stage. So, essentially you will throw your money down the drain.
  • How bright is the light? Consider the amperage and the brightness of the lights to find the stage laser or strobe light of your dreams. If you need strong lighting and it doesn’t provide enough bright light, move on to another product.
  • How many colors does it offer? A stage laser and strobe light with many colors is going to provide much more light and ambiance to an event or party than one with fewer options.
InstrumentRatingCurrent Pricing
DragonX 4 Bar LED
*Top Pick*
Besteker LED Crystal
Runner Up
IHOVEN 9 Colors Changing
bluetooth speaker and flashing to music effect,
but subpar remote
Jeteven 36W LED Stage Laser
small light, a lot of power and shine, but noisy
SOLMORE 7 Color Water Ripples Projector
a favorite for small bar
CO-Z DMX Controlled LED
pack of 4 for plenty of light and sound control,
but not very durable

The Top Recommendation: DragonX 4 Bar LED


The top stage laser strobe light on the market has to be the DragonX 4 Bar LED mobile DJ Lighting Packages with free Lighting Stand. When you purchase a light for shows or clubs, look for a product like this one that combines the best features in stage lasers. This lighting package comes with most of the features any professional would want in their strobe lighting. Also, it is the ideal lighting package that any DJ could want in their performance. The top features on the DragonX Bar LED include:

  • A tripod stand to make it easy to use wherever you go.
  • Three LED lights to provide your stage with an abundance of colors and light. While some LED lights may not provide enough brightness as traditional lights, these pack enough punch and brightness to rival them.
  • A foot-switch controller. Not every stage laser can boast of this feature.
  • Easy setting up of the light because it is so mobile.
  • At approximately $220, this package offers great professional value for a fair price. Because of its accessible cost, you can purchase two for larger venues and performances without breaking the bank.
  • For being such a light kit, it provides a lot of power and lighting, making it a favorite for shows on the move.
  • Durable and dependable, which is makes it hold up to the abuse when you move it from place to place.

For its price, it’s many different features, it’s power and high quality, the DragonX 4 Bar LED mobile DJ Lighting is one of the best stage laser strobe lights you can find. You can use it for professional gigs or parties because it provides plenty of light, whether the venue is indoors or outdoors. It would be difficult to find such amazing quality, functional features, and powerful lights at this price anywhere else. If what you want is affordability, durability and quality in one package, you can’t go wrong with these DragonX lights.

Runner Up: Besteker LED Crystal Stage Light Rotating Strobe


While it is much simpler than the DragonX, the Besteker LED Crystal Stage Light Rotating Strobe includes features that make it a worthy runner-up. The Besteker LED has 20 flash modes, which is convenient when it comes to strobe lights for DJ performances. The lights flash on beat with the music, a feature many people appreciate. This is especially useful for parties where everyone wants to join in and not worry about the lights.

It’s a high-quality light, which as we know is an important factor for buying stage lights. While the light is on the small side, it provides bright light. It’s ease of use is perfect for smaller venues or parties. It is priced affordably at around $20, making it a smart buy for the best stage lasers and strobe lighting you can find.

Other Options for the Best Stage Lasers and Strobe Lighting

This list of the best stage lasers and strobe lighting wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t provide some other options in LED and laser lighting. While not as fabulous as the DragonX light, you may want to consider them.

Ihoven 9 Color Changing DJ Stage Lights

Credit: Ihoven

The ihoven light is perfect for parties and small events, but it can also function well for clubs or DJ concerts at smaller venues. It has a Bluetooth speaker with a remote control and plenty of options to choose from, such as colors. The ihoven also provides a strobe effect, as well as the flashing to the music effect many people like. It is sturdy, which is a huge plus for portability.

The only downfall is that the remote doesn’t work from more than just a few feet, which can defeat the purpose. At around $40, it is a reasonable price for the various features and colors that it provides.

Jeteven 36W LED Stage Laser Lights


At around $25 or so, the Jeteven LED light includes some interesting features. The LED lights provide enough brightness for shows and DJ performances. While it is a small light, it has a lot of power and shine, making it one of the best stage lasers and strobe lighting for anyone who is looking for an affordable yet functional light kit.

It also has a DMX control panel which works best for this type of light. It’s also \easy to set up and highly portable. For someone who wants to use it outside of a music venue, it can be quite noisy. This can be distracting for events and performances where they required silence. But, most people wouldn’t use a stage laser light in a quiet scenario. Consider the venue to get the the best stage lasers and strobe lighting for your next event.

SOLMORE 7 Color Water Ripple Projector


The Solemore color water ripple projector may not be ideal for large venues, but it is a favorite for small bar performances, parties and events. It includes a remote that allows the user to manipulate the colors, qualifying it for this list of best stage lasers and strobe lighting. The Solemore projector creates some interesting effects for parties or shows.

While it is on the smaller side, this projector provides enough light to mention. And at such an affordable price, it is a quality buy on this list of the best stage lasers and strobe lighting. The projector style light mounts on a tripod, so it’s easy to use anywhere. Most importantly, the colors that this light projects are truly beautiful. However, this stage light is on the small side. So anyone who needs to light up a large venue may need to look elsewhere. Finally, its quality isn’t as stellar as some of the other items on this list.

CO-Z DMX Controlled LED Par Light


This is a dependable and sturdy light with DMX and sound control. As pack of four, it provides plenty of light. The LED lights work well without heating up too much, thanks to the built-in fan. The price is around $85, which is quite fair for what it offers. Many performers and DJs will appreciate the four lights in one package, becaise they can choose to use all of them or only two of them. The one downside is that they are not as durable as the DragonX lights, which means they may need replacement down the road.

OrangeA Stage Lights 18 X 3W LED Stage Lighting DMX-512 Laser Stagae Light RGB


This list of the best stage lasers and strobe lighting ends with a bang with this set of eight par lights that can light up a large stage or big club. That is one reason why this OrangeA set are a large venue favorite. The LED lights on these don’t heat up quickly. They also use relatively little power, which makes them ideal for continuous use. While they aren’t ideal for quieter performances or small events because of their noisy fans, at around $128 they offer enough quality and brightness to light up a large event.

This list outlined the best stage lasers and strobe lighting available in the market today. While all offer a unique set of features, you should be able to pinpoint the best one for your needs. There is a variety of price ranges, features and function to choose from, so be sure to consider all the factors carefully.


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