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The Best Bass Guitar Straps

In this guide, you will find our top recommendation as well as several other products to consider when you are looking for a guitar strap.

Some guitar straps are built for comfort, while others are made for style. The fabrics that they are made of can last anywhere from a few months to a lifetime, and naturally, prices follow accordingly.

The best products will allow users to hold unusually heavy bass instruments for long periods of time without irritation or discomfort caused by the guitar strap. They’ll last for many years and keep you focused on learning music, rather than shopping for new accessories.

Top Pick: KLIQ AirCell Strap

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Offers superior support, comfort during long wears, and durability, making it the best buy for beginner and expert users with all types of guitars.

Why You Should Trust Us

Before writing this article, I conducted extensive primary and secondary research.

First, I consulted professional musicians who have years of experience with these products on which bass guitar straps they liked to use, how to best select a bass guitar strap, and how to take proper care of a strap like this.

They helped me understand which factors play the biggest roles like comfort based on material and durability compared to cost. Then, I compared what I learned first-hand from these individuals with blogs, articles, and videos other musicians posted across the internet.

Through these two main methods, I drafted a long list of bass guitar straps with thousands of products varying in price, material, quality, availability, and durability. Finally, I analyzed the list via the criteria listed below and reduced the catalog to a few bass guitar straps that stand above the rest.

What Makes A Strap Better Than the Others

The fabric and design of a guitar strap are what set it apart from other straps. Many other factors come into play when you are buying a guitar strap, specifically for a bass guitar, so it is important that you review your needs and the instrument you are adding a strap to carefully first.

Acoustic vs. Electric Guitar Straps

No need to overthink this one! They are all the same thing. The straps are universal and interchangeable between acoustic guitars and electric guitars. The only minor difference exists in how you attach the strap to your instrument.

Attaching Your Strap

Most electric guitar straps end with leather triangles that are a few inches in length and rounded at the very tip. These leather pieces have slits and holes where pegs from each end of the guitar can snuggly fit and safely hold the instrument in place.

Acoustic guitars, on the other hand, have one peg at the base of the guitar but then require you to tie the front end of the strap to the neck of the instrument. Installing your own peg is also an option, but risky as you could damage the instrument and alter the sound quality.

What’s a Strap Lock?

Finally, strap locks are small accessories that keep your straps from sliding off while you play. They make sure that your instrument stays safe and comfortably in place so that you can focus on practicing or performing.

They are a small investment for a big advantage, and any player who uses a strap to play standing up should have them. View step by step pictures and instructions for how to put a strap on your electric or acoustic guitar on this Wiki page, as well as instructions for how to use strap locks.

Guitar Straps vs. Bass Straps

While acoustic and electric straps are interchangeable, some products claim to be specifically bass straps and will work best for bass acoustic guitars and electric bass guitars.

This is a traditional product feature that many companies have abandoned specifying anymore. On the other hand, many high-quality bass guitar straps are still available for sale today.

Factoring in Weight

The difference between bass and guitar straps stems from the fact that some bass guitars, like Les Pauls and six string bass guitars, are much heavier than other guitars. So, many musicians prefer extra padding and more expensive, durable material for their straps.

This way, the straps offer extra comfort to combat the heavy weight of the instrument. This can make a difference when you are wearing your instrument for hours every week, and you have a particularly heavy bass guitar.

To get the most out of your practice, be sure your instrument is comfortable and not straining your posture. For a skill based on muscle memory, investing in a high-quality accessory that fits you and your instrument is well worth it.

Comfort: Which Fabric is Worth Investing In?

Most bass guitar straps are made from one of three types of materials. First, leather offers the most comfort, many style options, and durability that improves with age.

On the other hand, it is the most expensive and can be difficult to set in exactly the right position because the fabric stretches over time. The holes for the length settings can also be between your ideal placement, so it is important to try on the strap with your instrument and make sure it will fit before buying one.

Second, nylon comes in many prints and colors, so it holds the most potential to make a fashion statement. Without having to worry about stretching over time, you can find inexpensive guitar straps that will last.

On the other hand, nylon straps can be uncomfortable and will dig into your skin if you like to play wearing a t-shirt or thin clothing. So, while they may not wear out, they may wear you out, and you will most likely end up wishing you more functional strap in the first place.

Canvas is the compromising material between the two. Closer to leather in thickness and comfort, these moderately priced guitar straps come in a limited variety of colors and styles.

Leather bands also come in with a great amount of variety when it comes to fashion and style choices. Leather is a very easy material to work with, considering the amount of time it lasts each user. So,

So, careful craftsman can put pictures in outlines, with colors, and with embellishments to leather guitar straps. They can also sew many extra details, offering a wide variety of ways to accessorize and decorate a leather bass guitar strap.

Another way to search for bass guitar straps is by type of fabric based on animal or region. For example, some straps are made to look like they are python and rattlesnake skin material. Another strap offers an underside of sheepskin for an extra soft cushion.

Some users who live vegan lifestyles do not want animals to be harmed when their products are made, so they may want to specifically opt for nylon or canvas.

If you have specific preferences like this, be sure to read all of the product details before ordering something online or call and speak directly with a store representative. Bass guitar straps come in all types of materials and are made by craftsman from different local areas across the globe.

Design: Functionality, Style, & Unique Needs

There are many styling and functionality designs on the market. Products serving specific needs are also available, like children’s bass guitar straps and straps specifically for individuals with back and shoulder problems.

My top recommendations are based primarily on design with comfort and durability in mind.

One feature not focused on with this review was fashion and style. Rather, my analysis focused on usability and quality impacting sound and the way you can play our instrument with each strap.

There are, however, many options for guitar straps that reflect various styles and personalities. Some of the most colorful, most exciting, themed, and ageless graphics for musicians to sport on their instruments lie within the accessories and specifically guitar straps. There are also brands that include a wide variety of colors.

How I Found the Best Bass Guitar Strap

For the material in this article, I studied the weight of the instrument that each strap is recommended to hold. I also reviewed the comfort of the material during long time periods as rated online by consumers.

Many of the items I studied were specifically for bass guitars, but some were not. I allowed guitar straps that were not specifically designed for bass guitars in my study if the products fit the following criteria: exceptional reviews regarding comfort, recommended for especially heavy instruments, wearable for extended periods of time without irritation.

These are the three key factors in finding a great bass guitar strap, so some guitar straps outside the bass category may fit the bill.

The Competition

After hours of testing and research, here's the final competition.

InstrumentRatingCurrent Pricing
KLIQ AirCell Strap
Offers breathable, flexible, and most importantly, lasting comfort$39.99
Levy’s Leathers M4GF
Includes a built-in foam padding that will support your shoulders during long wears$48.28

Our Top Recommendation: KLIQ AirCell Strap

The KLIQ AirCell Strap is the best bass guitar strap because it offers many unique features that will benefit musicians from beginners to experts.

Cushion padding covering the underside of the strap protects professionals and beginners during long practices. A breathable fabric keenly adapts to temperatures and environments without compromising comfort. No blisters or sweat marks across your shirt with this strap!

Finally, a shock-absorbent design that supports your back ergonomically will keep your posture healthy and body ready to pick up your instrument anytime. With a warranty that ensures durability, this high quality, professionally designed bass guitar strap has all the basic features as well as many advanced perks.

Most unique to this specific product is the patented AirCell technology. This specially designed fabric places cushion lining between your shoulder and the top of the strap, which offers breathable, flexible, and most importantly, lasting comfort.

The tiny squares pillows under the strap act as shock absorbers when you move your instrument around while playing. They also keep stress off your back and shoulders while keeping your instrument secure.

The patented technology built into the fabric is not the only unique feature the KLIQ AirCell Strap promises. It is also made of materials unlike leather, canvas, or nylon individually.

A 3 inch wide Lycra and Neoprene pad supports your back, shoulders, and the instrument evenly and disperses any impact caused by movement. These are breathable “wick” materials that “wicks away” sweat to keep your skin dry for hours.

This is a lasting, adjustable strap as well. Unlike other comfort specific designs, this high-quality material will not stretch or wear out over time. Complete with a sliding adjustable length varying from 46’’ to 56“, it fits nearly any user snuggly and securely.

This is a lasting, adjustable strap as well. Unlike other comfort specific designs, this high-quality material will not stretch or wear out over time. Complete with a sliding adjustable length varying from 46’’ to 56“, it fits nearly any user snuggly and securely.

The last advantage of having this particular bass guitar strap is that it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and designed to last for years. Based on all my research, this is our top rated product and costs between $50 and $100. Of course, you can find special deals for lower prices if you shop around stores and online during sales.

Runner Up: Levy’s Leathers M4GF

Levy’s Leathers M4GF models a sleek design completed in shiny leather. It is extremely durable and will age to look better, rather than worn.

It came in second on our list because, while missing the unique, breathable AirCell fabric, this bass guitar strap still features many expert qualities that make it an excellent choice for functionality, style, and price.

Built to last with high-quality leather, comfort will also increase with each use as you wear this product in more and more over time. For added support across your back and to balance a heavier instrument, this leather strap includes a built-in foam padding that will support your shoulders during long wears.

This strap offers a traditionally sized band that is 3 ½ inches wide. However, the length comes in two different settings. The first option has adjustable notches between 36″ to 52″.

The second option, called their “extra-long,” brings an additional 12″ in adjustment settings. With so many lengths for users of any shape and height, this advanced leather strap will offer comfortable, professional support to bass players of all levels for a lifetime.

Lastly, this the Levy’s Leather M4GF comes in seven colors with prices ranging from $35 to $75. Between seven colors and two lengths, you can create a customized leather bass guitar strap that you’re your budget with advanced support features and the best durability on the market.

Other Straps to Consider:

There is one bass guitar strap worth mentioning because it offers a feature unlike any other on the market. The ESO Strap comes custom fit specifically for either right or left-handed users, along with many other product features.

It is sold strictly by the producing company, listed at about sixty dollars each on the ESO Strap site. So, the shipping time and cost may not be as low as larger manufacturers, but this could change in time too as bigger stores could pick this product up!

The 5 Best Bass Guitar Straps Under $10

Below is a list of the top 5 bass guitar straps available for less than ten dollars! If you are on tour and find yourself needing a new strap with no extra cash, or if you just want to start simple and get a nicer strap later on, there are great buys for the extra low prices.

  1. Perris Leathers NWSCL-97
  2. Electric Classical Red Flame
  3. Mugig Guitar Strap
  4. Anwenk Guitar Strap
  5. P&P Music SOO8-H

3 Bass Guitar Straps That Will Last a Lifetime

These straps are made of the highest quality, most durable, and wearable material on the market. They have excellent features on most fronts and will not wear out over time easily.

Though they will cost much more than any other style, material, or design on the market, the extra money will go a long way when it comes to durability. You will not need to shop for another bass guitar strap to replace this one if you take proper care of it and select from the following top of the line options.

  1. RightOn! Funky Funkystein bass strap
  2. RightOn! Leathercraft Dragons
  3. RightOn! Magic Bullets
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