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The 12 Best Drum Thrones

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Drums are a very physically demanding instrument. With a good drum throne, you can fight fatigue and strain a lot easier than if you are sitting on a seat that makes you feel miserable.

A good throne (stool) may even enhance your playing ability, but at the very least make it a lot more comfortable to play your instrument. You’ll want a seat that will make playing for several hours fun and relaxing.

After 30 years of experience playing the drums and speaking with other long-time drummers, I have narrowed it down to a few favorites.

ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Black
Top Pick: ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne
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If  you’re looking for a little bounce in your throne, this is hands down our top pick.

After playing the drums for over thirty years, I have sat on a lot of drum thrones, and I have found that there are a lot of uncomfortable ones out there. When you find a good drum throne, you do not want to give it up, even after the seat starts to tear and fall apart, as long as it is still comfortable, you will hang on to it.

Why is it called a drum throne?

Drum thrones are often used for playing the guitar or piano, and they are also called stools or benches. It is not known why it’s called a throne, but the percussion section is often considered the most important part of a band, so it can be argued that their God-like qualities require a throne to sit on.

The Basics

If you’re just getting started on the drums, you will find that having the right drum throne is vital to your endurance, as well as to your comfort level when you play for long periods of time.

Drum thrones need to be designed to be used for extended periods of play. Comfort is key, and if the throne can also aid in blood circulation and give you enough back support, you have found a great design.

Finding the right drum throne does not have to be a chore, here are a few simple things to look for in a great drum throne, and a few reviews to help you get started in your search.

Beginning Players

Beginning players will probably choose a drum throne based on price. Getting something basic at first is not a bad idea while you are still getting started. If you are just starting out, look for something functionally that has just a few accessories.

You can also just use a wooden stool or chair for a while, but once you start to practice for at least 30 minutes a day, it is recommended that your purchase a drum throne.

Experienced Players

After you have been playing the drums for a while, you really should have a good drum throne to use. You want to focus on your playing and not on your lack of comfort at that point. This is the point in your musical career that you want to make sure you have a nice cushioned seat that is sturdy and looks good.

As you continue to become a better player, your comfort level becomes more important. You want to make sure you are performing well, and that not worry about a cheap stool that slides while you are playing.

When you finally shell out the money for a nice drum kit, you do not want to match it with cheap accessories. You want something that looks good and is very sturdy with a nice cushion on the seat.

Ergonomically designed seats are always a good option for a professional, and you also want to make sure that they have a heavy-duty construction.


The weight we are talking about is not how much the throne itself weighs, but the weight capacity that it can hold.

Double check and make sure the throne you are considering matches your weight class, as most drum thrones are usually rated with a weight capacity.

How to Sit on a Drum Throne: Height

Height is also another consideration. Your drum throne should have a height adjustment, but does the one you are considering go as high as you need it to for your specific height?

Also, as you get older, your knees may not be as flexible as they were when you were younger, so you may need to adjust for physical issues.

It comes down to the right balance for you. You need to determine your comfort level, and how you like to play, so you need to make your throne will sit high or low enough to give you the balance you need.

Seat Styles

There are several different style seats to choose from, including:

  • Round
  • Cycle
  • Square
  • Split

Again, this is a personal preference, and it depends on what works best for you. Cycle seats were designed after the old style Harley Davidson seat, and it has become a pretty popular option for professional drummers.

It is important that you test out the drum thrones you are considering, and play on them if possible, to find what fits your comfort level best.

Then you need to ask yourself, did it cause you any back or leg pain? Did you feel good when you were done playing? Was it too soft or too firm?

There is no one perfect drum throne, but there are drum thrones that will work better for you than others. Just remember that you will be sitting on it for extended periods of time, so it needs to feel good to you, and not someone else.


The base of a drum throne can be one of the following:

  • Four Leg
  • Three Leg
  • Flat Bottom
  • Double Braced
  • Single Braced

Again, this is a preference issue as to what feel more stable to you. You do not want one that is too unsteady, and it is possible that it might tumble on you.

Sit and play on a potential throne, and make sure that it is not only comfortable, but won’t make you fall off it, or make you constantly worry about its stability.

Manual or Automatic

Some drum thrones will allow you to adjust their height manually, and some will be automatic. This is a personal choice depending on your comfort level, and its ease of adjustment.

You do need to remember though that while the pneumatic thrones are easy to use, the pneumatic design does make it weigh more making its portability less convenient.

Back or No Back

If you already have back problems, a seat with a back can make you more comfortable. Otherwise, having a back on the throne is just personal preference.

If you move around a lot as you play, then a back will get in your way. It is also possible to get a throne with a back that can be removed when you need to, so you can always have the option if you want it.


If you play out a lot, then the size and weight of your drum throne is a big factor. If you do not move it very much, then it does not matter.

Otherwise, you will need a lightweight, compact stool that is still sturdy and comfortable. Some thrones also come with soft bags to protect the drum throne while you are moving it.


Obviously, the sturdier a drum throne is constructed, the longer your drum throne will last. If you are a little heavier weight, you will want to check into the structure of a potential drum throne.

You want to make sure you are comfortable sitting on your throne, but the structure needs to be sound if you will be spending hours on it.

Most of the drum thrones on the market are made with metal legs, and you will find that the tripod is a pretty common base. It is not necessarily the best structure, though, as you will risk falling off the chair or tripping on it.

A well-balanced drum throne is the key, and finding one from a well-respected and well-known brand that has been around a while is always a good choice.

Check the foot supports and see if they have rubber footing to prevent slipping on the floor while you play. This can cause you to either get too close or too far from your drums, which can be a real pain if you have to keep adjusting your seat.

Ease of Use

One very important factor to consider is how easy the drum throne is to use. It may list all of these awesome features, say it is great for either short or tall players, but if you have to adjust your seat a lot, it’s important to make sure that the height adjustment mechanism works quickly and easily.

If it is supposed to be simple to fold up for storage, does it work that easily? The last thing you want when you are tired after a gig is to fight to put away your equipment. A lot of these issues are easy to find out for yourself if you go to the store to check out the equipment in person.

A lot of these issues are easy to find out for yourself if you go to the store to check out the equipment in person. You are taking a gamble if you are purchasing the equipment online, so make sure wherever you buy from has a good return policy, just in case the drum throne is not quite what they advertised.

The Competition

After hours of testing and research, here's the final competition.

InstrumentRatingCurrent Pricing
Roc-N-Soc Nitro
Very comfortable, doesn’t give you back pain
Gibraltar 6608 Moto Style
Well-built, very stable, and comfortable
Pacific Drums and Percussion 700 Series
Has a quick and easy bolt-through height adjustment, plus it is super simple to assemble and breakdown when you are playing out with folding legs for easy portability
Sound Percussion SP770DT
Included rubber feet make the throne very attractive and classy looking, and the extra-wide and extra-comfortable saddle seat is ideal for those serious drummers
Roc-N-Soc Tower Saddle Seat Stool
Really well-built for those players that will be sitting for hours
Roc-N-Soc Lunar Throne
Integrated gas shocks will lessen back fatigue, and a base with five legs creates a very stable stool
Pork Pie Round Throne
Features a powerful, screw-type height adjustment device, and the additional stability of a three double braced leg base
Drum Workshop CP9100AL 9000 Series
Comes with hydraulic height adjustments for quick and easy height changes
Ahead Spinal-G Saddle Throne
Features a base with four legs that is incredibly sturdy, plus it has a screw-type height adjustment mechanism that is quick and easy to use

My Top Recommendation: Roc-N-Soc Nitro

ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Black If you like a little bounce in your throne (as we do), the Roc-n-Soc Nitro Throne is the best option for you. It is adjustable from 18 to 24 inches in height, and it has a sturdy feel with its heavy bracing.

Additional comfort is provided by the nitrogen gas shock absorber which makes adjusting the height quick and easy with a handy lever.

The bicycle seat design lessens leg fatigue and back aches while you are playing, and many drummers have commented that it is more like sitting in an office chair.

You may think it is on the pricey side, but since you can sit comfortably for hours while you are playing, it is worth the small investment in lessening aches and pains.

The Roc-N-Soc is a great compact design for easy storage, and the free spinning seat lessens spinal strain from twisting your body while you are playing. It comes in all colors and seat sizes, plus backrests are also available.


Very comfortable, doesn’t give you back pain
Feels like an office chair
It is like sitting on a cushion of air


A little on the expensive side

Runner Up: Gibraltar 6608 Moto Style

gibraltar-6608-throneIf you are looking for a drum throne that is a little cheaper than the Roc-N-Soc Nitro Throne, the Gibraltar 6608 is a great seat for any size person. It has a motorcycle style seat that is constructed with top-grade foam.

The height is adjustable from 18 to 24 inches, and it locks in place when you find just the right height. The motorcycle seat is just a little less than four inches, and it is protected with a vinyl material and uses the x brace seat mount.

The Gibraltar 6608 is a great solid seat with a medium weight double braced base for the money.


Great for very tall and heavy people
Well-built, very stable, and comfortable
You can play for hours without having to stand up


Memory lock is difficult to adjust

Other Thrones to Consider:

Pacific Drums and Percussion 700 Series

If you are looking for a very comfortable, and durable drum throne, the Pacific Drums and Percussion 700 Series Drum Throne is your answer.

It has a quick and easy bolt-through height adjustment, plus it is super simple to assemble and breakdown when you are playing out with folding legs for easy portability.

This throne is tailored to a wide variety of drummers, and it is a great option for the budget-conscious beginning and intermediate level players that are looking for a functional throne and aren’t interested in fancy looks.

This is a medium –sized round seat that swivels, and it is also really nicely padded. It’s so comfortable you can use it for other activities like playing video games.

The double braced legs make it a very stable throne, plus the rubber feet includes a non-skid material that will keep the throne from moving out of place, which is always a great feature in a stool.


Solid, sturdy, and comfortable seat
Quick and easy to assemble and breakdown
Attractive and affordable


May not go low enough for some players

Sound Percussion SP770DT

The Sound Percussion drum throne is durable, rugged, and comfortable. You can feel comfortable sitting on this throne for hours and hours. It is also an inexpensive drum throne, so it is a really good option for beginning drummers, as they get a lot more than just a functional stool.

When you are taller and have a larger body frame, you start to notice that the inexpensive thrones just don’t give you much comfort. The Sound Percussion throne puts those other inexpensive thrones to shame.

The Sound Percussion is a bigger sized throne that most of the stools on the market measuring 15″ wide x 18″ to 24″ tall with a 15″ diameter. It comes with a quick and easy height adjustment and has a very sturdy and stable feel from the double-braced leg base.

The included rubber feet make the throne very attractive and classy looking, and the extra-wide and extra-comfortable saddle seat is ideal for those serious drummers. The Sound Percussion is a perfect stool for beginners who do not want to have to upgrade in the future anytime soon.


Comfortable and durable
Great for beginning students


Limited Brand Recall

Roc-N-Soc Tower Saddle Seat Stool

The Roc-N-Soc Tower Saddle Seat Stool is the perfect throne for those musicians that play a lot of different instruments. It is the perfect stool for bass players, guitar players, percussionists, and keyboardists.

It is a sturdy and stable well-padded seat that is nice a wide. The Roc-N-Soc Tower Saddle Seat is also really well-built for those players that will be sitting for hours.

The saddle seat does take a little getting used to, but it swivels for those that need to move while they are playing, and it comes with two-foot rings in case you like to sit with your feet off the ground.

It adjusts to two different heights, either 26” or 29” inches tall, and is a great seat for versatile players.


Double support ring adds more stability
Has an impressive swivel feature
Easy to transport


Lots of different size options so make sure you choose the correct one for you

Roc-N-Soc Lunar Throne

The Roc-N-Soc Lunar throne has a great balance between a firm seat and comfort. This is a customizable seat, so it is a great option for those that are very particular in their seat preferences. It is also a great choice for those that life wide seats.

There are four seat designs that you can choose from which include multiple velour colors and black vinyl. There are also five height adjustments options to choose from that work with a gas lift making height adjustments quick and easy.

Integrated gas shocks will lessen back fatigue, and a base with five legs creates a very stable stool. The Roc-N-Soc Lunar throne is an excellent chair for you to play on that provides a perfect balance of comfort and stability.


High-quality, very sturdy
Well-made and comfortable
Great adjustability


Not portable

Pork Pie Round Throne

The Pork Pie Round Throne is another one of the comfortable Pork Pie thrones that give players a significant level of support. The Pork Pie Round Throne comes in a large assortment of color combinations that give some additional color to your drum kit.

The top of the seat is constructed with high-density foam that is created to provide extra support for drummers who play for hours and hours. It also features a powerful, screw-type height adjustment device, and the additional stability of a three double braced leg base.

The Pork Pie Round Throne works for players of all shapes and sizes, plus it is one of the softest thrones on the market that doesn’t give up the stability of a solid base in the process.

It is a pricier throne, but it is worth the investment for the high-quality product you are getting.


Tall throne, great build
Sturdy and comfortable
Lots of height adjustment options


If you have back issues, you will start to feel it after a few hours

Drum Workshop CP9100AL 9000 Series Heavy-Duty Air Lift Throne

Credit: Amazon.com

The Drum Workshop CP9100AL Air Lift Throne is one of the more stable drum thrones available on the market. It has a base with four strong legs instead of only three that provide great support making it a much more stable throne than its competitors.

You also get the DW 9000 series hardware, so you know you are getting excellent quality, as well as the reliable DW service for all the years you will own the throne. This is one of those thrones that give you great support without giving up too much comfort.

The Drum Workshop CP9100AL comes with hydraulic height adjustments for quick and easy height changes. It comes with a bicycle style seat or a round seat, depending on your preference, and it is a well-built throne that you will be using for many years to come.


Comfortable and sits well
Sturdy and lasts a long time
Super comfortable, and it is easy to adjust the height


Makes squeaky noises

Ahead Spinal-G Saddle Throne

Ahead’s Spinal-G throne is a fantastic drum throne created for those drummers that suffer from a lot of back pain. It has a unique and innovative design that provides space for your tailbone that you will not see on other drum thrones on the market.

Despite its innovations, it is still a very comfortable drum throne, with a rock solid base. The Ahead company has been specializing in making drummers unique products for their trade.

Recently, they created their Spinal-G throne to combat back pain with their bicycle seat that is split down the middle. The seat is made of two separate parts, and the seat opening is created to keep the tailbone from compressing which is what causes you pain.

It also features a base with four legs that is incredibly sturdy, plus it has a screw-type height adjustment mechanism that is quick and easy to use. The seat is created with memory foam so that you have a relaxing and comfortable experience sitting on the throne for hours.

The Spinal-G is available in several different side and top colors, although the black on black combination is better at hiding the opening.

It is a little pricier, although the price is still pretty competitive, you can expect to pay a little more for the throne’s unique innovations. If you have chronic back pain, it will be well worth the money.


Easy To Use
Good Quality
Great for back issues


A little cumbersome

Tama HT130 Standard Throne

The Tama HT130 Standard Throne is one of the better beginner level thrones for a very affordable price. It has a sturdy and solid foundation, and it is very durable which makes it great for those players that like a firm seat behind their kit.

It is a very basic throne, but it comes with a round, firm seat that is protected with leather making it very durable and affordable. The Tama HT130 seat is great to use in a lot of different situations including recording and for short playing sessions.

The height adjustment mechanism is comparable to a cymbal stand and comes with a locking clamp that keeps it from falling in case the tightening wing nut does not work.

The throne base is a solid construction, especially in comparison to comparable thrones in this price range, and it is very lightweight making extremely portable for gigs. The top of the seat comes off with an easy turn of the wing nut to moving from place to place.

The Tama HT130 is the ideal drum throne for the price conscious drummer.


Very comfortable and well-made
Lightweight and portable
Inexpensive and practical


Seat slides down when you adjust the height

Mapex T775 Four Point Support Drum Throne

The Mapex T775 Four Point Support Drum Throne is a great option for any drummer. It is a comfortable and stable option that comes with a heavy-duty four leg design that stays totally stable and completely balanced while you are playing.

The slip-proof rubber feet will ensure that your seat does not slip or move during your gig. It has a threaded steel spindle for accurate height adjustments from 18 to 26 inches. It also has a memory lock that will securely keep your preferred seat height in place, so you will always be comfortable when you sit down to play.

The Mapex T775 has a sturdy saddle style seat that is a comfortable 17 inches wide, and it has four inches of cushion covered in soft vinyl.

It has a removable back that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, which will give you give you additional lower back support during driving back beats.

The biomechanically shaped seat has sloped leg openings that give you free range of motion, and you can maintain your balance with the back edge and raised center. The additional fourth double-braced leg helps to keep the throne very stable.

The Mapex brand provides affordable, high-quality products that never let you down.


Sturdy and comfortable stool
Has plenty of adjustment possibilities
Backrest adjusts to your back


Not as soft and comfortable for some drummers

Drum Workshop DWCP3100

The Drum Workshop 3000 SERIES DWCP3100 is a comfortable drum throne that you do not want to miss out on.

It has an easy height adjustment mechanism that lets you go as low or as high as you want, ensuring that you have the most comfortable spot as possible behind your drum kit. It is made with a sturdy metal frame, and a solid three leg base that makes it very sturdy and stable.

Rubber feet will guarantee no slippage on any floor surface, and the 3-in thick, 13-in diameter round seat is covered with a durable vinyl cover, and it has a solid foam seat top that is wide and comfortable.

This is a high-quality drum throne with solid ear casting that is made to last for years and years.


Thickly padded, but not too soft
Lightweight and easy to store
Stable and comfortable throne


Height adjustment lock does not stay tight



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