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The 9 Best Drum Pedals

Drum Pedals

When a drummer is performing, they are mixing precision, speed, and an all-out assault on the drums to produce the beat of the music. There are so many parts that go into their performance that certain things just become an extension of their body. The drum pedal is a great example of that type of equipment that can also enhance your performance.

This is a piece of equipment that you definitely want to make sure is a high-quality piece, especially when you perform live. There are tons of brands and models to choose from, so it is important to know what preferences you have in a drum pedal, and what features to look for when you are out shopping.

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Top Pick: DW MDD (Machined Direct Drive)
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Synonymous with high-end pedals and hardware, DW more than delivers here with the MDD as well. It has an amazingly smooth and natural action. While aggressive it is also incredibly quiet.

Here are a few tips in what to look for in a quality drum pedal, and a few reviews to help you start shopping (including more on our top pick below).

After playing for the past thirty years, I have tried a number of different types of pedals and brands. Depending on your preferences and the type of music you play, some pedals are better than others. Finding a quality pedal that can take on a huge amount of wear and tear is a vital part of your search. Keep in mind it is always a good idea to try out a few different pedals before making a final decision.

Types of Pedals

1- Single Pedals

Single Pedal, Credit: Amazon.com

This style has one beater and one footboard. It is the most basic drum pedal option, and it is also a popular choice among drummers. All musical styles feature the single pedal, as it allows the drummer to play with just one foot.

2- Double Pedals

Double pedals, Credit: Aliexpress

These pedals are found in different styles. The classic style has two bass drums that give you a dual sound. New models give the drummer a double beater on the same drum, which removes the need for having two different bass drums. The newest feature has one footboard and two beaters that each hit the head of the drum with each push of the pedal. Basically giving you two beats for each time your foot presses the pedal.


There are several different parts of a drum pedal that need to work well together, so that all the power that drummers are providing with their foot is transferred to the bass drum head.

Single Chain – a single chain is often seen on inexpensive drum pedals, and its job is to move the beater.

Double Chain – if you find a pedal with a double chain, it will be a more expensive model than one with a single chain. The second chain will give your pedal more control and smoother movement.

Band – this is a flexible material that is made from nylon, polyethylene covered fabric, or another durable material, and it connects the pedal sections to each other.

Shaft – this is attached to the pedal and lets the mechanism give quick action to the drummer. It is made of a solid construction that guarantees a powerful attack, and it doesn’t let the pedal become hard to press or sluggish.

Beaters – this is what strikes the head of the drum. Beaters come in different styles that each give a different feel and volume. Brands will design their pedals to allow the beaters to be replaced when the drummer would like a new sound or style, so they are simple to switch out. Options for beaters include wood or plastic.

Footplate – this is the section that gets pressed with the drummer’s foot. The footplate is mounted to the hinge which is the base of the pedal. When the plate is pressed, the device sends out the action through the tension unit.

Tension Plate – this is found on some drum pedals, and it is an adjustable spring set that is found between the footplate and the drive train. The tension plate calculates the resistance of the pedal against the drummer, and then determines the level of force the pedal has against the head of the drum.

Drive Train – this gives the power to the beater and the footplate. You can choose pedals with three different options, for example, the chain setup gives the unit’s action by pulling a gear that is connected to the beater. When the drummer presses on the footplate, the chain will pull and shift the beater. A second option is a strap that is made from durable cloth or nylon that pulls on the beater to active the action of the drum. The final option is a dense metal piece on a solid shaft that attaches the footplate and the beater.

Double Pedal Bar – this includes two beaters that are both placed over the right drum pedal. When a double pedal is created, it is made with a comfortable distance between your feet, and it includes a rod that attaches the two pedals together. This rod is an extension of the drive train, and it allows the left drum pedal to move the beater that is joined to the right pedal.

Drum Pedal Accessories

Storage Bags – these are a great feature when you are playing out and you need to transport your pedal. Some bags even come with extra pockets to store tools, beaters, and spare parts.

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Lubricants – this helps the pedal work smoothly, protects the bearings on the pedal, and removes squeaks. It is a perfect accessory for hi-hat drum pedals and for the bass drum pedal.

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Tool Kit – it is always important to have a tool kit handy to adjust tension and performance levels. Kits usually include a hex key, a drum key, and a Phillips head screwdriver.

Conversion Kit – this type of kit is handy if you want to create your own double pedal system.

The Competition

After hours of testing and research, here's the final competition.

InstrumentRatingCurrent Pricing
DW Mfg Machined Direct Drive (MDD) Pedal
Has a conventional design with two upright posts
Gibraltar G-Class Pedal
Great for several different styles of playing
Sonor Perfect Balance Pedal
Perfect for the floating beater style of playing
Pearl Eliminator Demon Chain Drive Pedal
The zero latency ‘Z-link’ is made of aluminum
Mapex Falcon Pedals
Good quality, simple design
PDP Concept Series Pedal
Uses a low-mass cobalt blue piece giving it a striking appearance against the polished chrome
Tama Speed Cobra Pedal
The long footboard gives you more power
DW 9000 Bass Drum Pedal
Has a fully adjustable cam for easy customization to your preferences
Tama Power Glide Pedal
Great for recording session, professional studio work

Our Top Recommendation: DW MFG MDD Pedal

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The DW MFG MDD (Machined Direct Drive) Pedal is made by the DW company that is synonymous with high-end pedals and hardware. The MDD pedal was first launched in 2014, and it is available in either the single double pedal model. It does not follow DW’s normal pedal design, it is more sleek and streamlined.

It is the product of a three-year design plan with an aluminum construction for the most part, and machined solid block parts for other areas like the direct drive cam. It has a conventional design with two upright posts that offer clean lines and a cigar-shaped aperture on the polished outer face.

The solid footboard is made of aluminum that has been anodized in gun metal gray and then polished. The footboard is connected to the cam through a direct drive assembly of pivots and links that make what is really a complex system look very straightforward and logical.

Further adjustments are available through fine-tuning the four brass weights that can be found in the back of the beater head. The beater head is also a new design that has three face options to choose from. Having studied the feel of chain drive players, DW achieved the same feel in the DD Pedal to cater to chain drive players.

It has an amazingly smooth and natural action that makes the beater glide against the head. It is easy to reconfigure the other end of the scale by twisting a few bolts. You will find an aggressive speed-driven machine that is well-suited for a bombardment of explosive beats. It is also an incredibly quiet pedal, virtually silent. Both sides are balanced well, you literally cannot tell them apart. This is the most expensive pedal on our list.

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  • Versatile and highly playable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Really well built, solid pedal


  • It is on the expensive side

Runner Up: Gibraltar G-Class Pedal

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The Gibraltar G-Class Pedal is a stunning piece of equipment that is extremely eye catching. The sophisticated design with its arches and curves are a welcome addition among the more common military-like hard angles of its competitors. The post is fastened to a baseplate made of cast aluminum and a steel alloy that houses the innovative Helix mounting system.

This is an alternative to the usual wingnut operated hoop clamp. The Helix system centers around a ratcheting mechanism that you are able to tighten in one quick motion. Within the post, you will find the spring which adds to the uncluttered, sleek design of the pedal. Adjustments are made with the knurled wheel that is located within the post, just under the second slot that contains a gauge.

It is also easy to make fine adjustments on the Gibraltar G-Class with the clamp that is found at the front of the pedal. Attaching the pedal to the bass drum is done simply by sliding the Helix level to the five o’clock position, and it will quickly tighten the pedal clamp into place. There should be no concerns about whether it will stay there, as it will continue to solidly hold, even when you are out at a gig. To remove the pedal, simply flick the release button and move the level back to the three o’clock position.

Adjusting the beater and the footboard slopes can be done independently of each other, and the beater itself is able to conceal up to three weights in stowage slots. These are cylindrical weights that slot into the underside of the head of the beater. They do not require locking down as they are magnetic.

The two position cam, or the G-Drive, allows additional adjustments by simply loosening a single tension bolt, and then adjusting the cam along the block while ensuring that the double chains stay properly aligned when you retighten the bolt.

The Gibraltar G-Class is great for several different styles of playing, and if you move the cam to the front of the block, you will definitely get a more aggressive feel. This pedal has an insane amount of adjustment options, which will only help to improve your playing and your confidence level. This is a solid and reliable drum pedal that is extremely affordable.

Current Amazon.com price: 


  • Looks great and performs brilliantly
  • Great value
  • Easy to adjust


  • Hits too high on some drum sets, make sure it hits the center of your bass drum before you buy it

Other Drum Pedals to Consider

1) Sonor Perfect Balance Pedal

Credit: Sonor Perfect Balance Pedal was created to integrate some of the qualities of earlier models into a modern framework. JoJo wanted to use the balance and calibration from earlier eras to create a stunning pedal that encompasses his vision of elegant minimalism.

After he only felt comfortable playing on a vintage pedal, JoJo began his work of designing his own pedal, creating several prototypes until he reached the current design. After completely researching the market, JoJo came to the conclusion that most of the modern pedals that give you a lot of power are actually fundamentally unbalanced.

The Sonor Perfect Balance Pedal has a chrome-plated footboard with a single post, strap drive, round cam, and a timeless felt beater that not only looks good on the pedal but serve a solid functional purpose. This pedal lets you fine-tune a few important areas to match your preferences, so you aren’t doing never-ending adjustments.

It may take you a few minutes to adjust to this pedal at first, and it may seem a little light. Your technique will quickly adjust to the Sonor Perfect Balance Pedal, especially after prolonged play. You will soon find an effortless movement with the pedal that is quick and fluid, and it responds to the most delicate touch.

The attached fiber strap is very quiet and does not get in your way at all, or even flutter or trail into your playing. The pedal is easy to fold down for packing in one masterfully smooth motion, and the strap will not scratch the footboard like a chain would.

When you unfold the pedal to set it up, you only need to tighten the clamp directly onto the bass drum hoop. There are no further adjustments needed. This is a single pedal, with no future plans to create a double model. The Sonor Perfect Balance falls into the mid-range of prices on our final pedal list.

Current Amazon.com price: [amazon_link asins='B008DB1TSU' template='PriceLink' store='htmp0d-20' marketplace='US' link_id='9e6f820d-e834-11e6-965f-bfba3e10fa0d']


  • Awesome build quality
  • Perfect for the floating beater style of playing
  • Smooth as silk


  • It is a little on the expensive side

Pearl Eliminator Demon Chain Drive Pedal

[caption id="attachment_642" align="aligncenter" width="470"] Credit: Credit: Concept Series was created to be the main features of the PDP line. It is not created for the entry-level drummer, but is tailored to the intermediate level, or the budget-conscious professional drummer. They feature more of the high-end DW features found in their drum kits, snare, and hardware. The Concept Series pedals are offered in either a direct-drive or chain-drive model, as well as in both single and double designs.

The drive mechanism utilizes a solid metal piece that connects the rocker to the footboard unlike the belt system or common chain system. This zero flex method uses a low-mass cobalt blue piece giving it a striking appearance against the polished chrome, and it has a faster and more precise response from the pedal.

In comparison to previous PDP models, this pedal definitely has a more professional feel from small changes like replacing the tension bolt with a side-access wing nut, which makes it very easy to detach allowing for useful storage and transporting of the pedal without damaging the springs or having to remove the beaters. It also includes a new memory lock system that guarantees a reliable beater height plus a square head-contact.

The Concept has extended footboards making an incredibly comfortable pedal with trouble free heel-toe technique as the board felt well-weighted and comfortable under your foot. It is also easy to tune and create a lovely balance between the two bass pedals.

The spring tension has wide adjustment options, although it is not possible to slope the beater separately from the angle of the footboard, which is often found on higher-end pedals. The bottom of the baseplate has retractable spurs to build a sturdy foundation and lessen creeping. This is definitely a very affordable pedal.

Current Amazon.com price: [amazon_link asins='B013PSEMYI' template='PriceLink' store='htmp0d-20' marketplace='US' link_id='3027f8c7-e837-11e6-bb2c-1537b56472ca']


  • Tons of pro-level features
  • Look great and function flawlessly
  • Quality of build on this pedal is exceptional


  • There can be some mounting issues

Tama Speed Cobra Pedal

[caption id="attachment_646" align="aligncenter" width="470"] Credit: Tama Drums

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The Speed Cobra is one of the newest pedals in Tama’s line. It was created to focus on power and speed, and it has a longer footboard and a lighter tension spring that most of its competitors, The footboard is independently adjustable, and the lightweight linear cam and beater are really able to throw distance.

The Speed Cobra offers Tama’s revolutionary “cobra coil” that has a spring under the pedal board that returns the pedal to its playing position reducing lag time. There is a single and double bass version of the Speed Cobra, plus it comes with a hard shell case, so you can easily transport it to gigs.

The long footboard gives you more power, and it allows you to easily perform slide and heel toe techniques. The entire pedal is adjustable, and you can easily customize it to your preferences. You can use this incredibly sensitive pedal with all music styles, as it is quick, light, and full of power. It’s also priced a reasonable, so it is more than affordable.

Current Amazon.com price:


  • Smooth, fast, and the new rubber beater sounds fantastic
  • Comfortable, great build quality
  • Sleek and beautiful to look at


  • Not easy to get adjustment just right

DW 9000 Bass Drum Pedal

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Once again, DW is appearing on our list with the DW 9000 Bass Drum Pedal. This is one of their highest quality pedals, and it one of the smoothest pedals you will ever play. You can play fast doubles easily, and it comes with a strap so you can easily switch between strap driven and chain driven.

Unlike other DW models, the 9000 has a lightweight beater that is very responsive to the slightest touch of your foot giving you consistently loud strokes. Is has a fully adjustable cam for easy customization to your preferences, and it is one of the quietest pedals you can find when you are in the studio. One downside, however, is it is difficult to adjust the tension spring on this pedal since the main arm blocks the tension spring, so it is difficult to get to the spring’s tension screw.

It is a little pricier, but it is well worth the money for such a smooth pedal.

Current Amazon.com price:


  • Easy to use, great quality
  • Solid and consistent
  • Wickedly smooth


  • Not very functional

Tama Power Glide Pedal

Credit: Tama Drums

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The Iron Cobra line from Tama has long been the gold standard of bass drum pedals. The Tama Power Glide Pedal from this line is a very well-balanced pedal that has a uniquely shaped beater that is actually smaller and lighter than its competitors. It includes the Tama “Cobra Coil” which is a spring set found beneath the footboard that helps the response time and moves the pedal back to the foot. This allows you to play consistently loud strokes with only fast and simple adjustments for any variable from the beater position to the spring tension.

The Power Glide is part of the 900 series, and it is one of the 3 Iron Cobra Pedals. Both the Power Glide and the Rolling Glide are chain driven, and the third pedal, the Flexi-Glide, comes with a strap. It has a cam shaped to give it more power, and it easily produces consistently powerful strokes. It is great for recording session, professional studio work.

Current Amazon.com price: 


  • Smooth and fluid
  • Fantastic action and quick response
  • Good to use in the studio and live


  • Beater a little too light

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