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20 Freakishly Awesome Mobile Options to Help You Record Like a Famous Musician on Your iPad or iPhone

With today’s technology, it is easier than ever to record music like the pros. It is even possible to record professional sounding songs right on your mobile device. If you want to sound the famous musicians, you no longer have to drop thousands of dollars on your home recording gear or booking studio time. You can now record great sounding tracks right from the comfort of your own home or even dorm room. These are 20 impressive mobile options that you can use to record like a famous musician on your mobile device.

FL Studio Mobile

For those who are looking to get into electronic music production, FL Studio Mobile is a great way to go. If you ever want to switch to a laptop or desktop music set up, you will have the skills you need in order to operate FL Studio on a larger scale. FL Studio mobile has all of the loops, drum machines, and synths that you will need in order to get started on your electronic music journey. Electronic music superstars like Deadmau5 and Avicii have been known to use FL Studio on a regular basis. USB to Mobile Adapter

USB to Mobile Adapter

USB is the name of the game when you are looking into just about any music equipment. It will be much easier for you to use mics, midi controllers, and other studio gear after you invest in a USB to mobile adapter. Determining whether you are going to be using an Apple or Android mobile device is crucial to picking out the right adapter.

KORG iElectribe

One of the most famously used sequencers in the world of music production was the Korg Electribe. This sequencer was used by names like The Gorillaz and LCD Soundsystem. With the new iOS version of this sequencer, you will be able to make amazing beats right from your iPad.

Garage Band iOS

Garage Band has quickly become one of the most popular music production programs for beginning musicians. With its amazing success on desktop computers, it was an obvious switch for Apple to make a mobile version of this software. With Garage Band, you can create songs in just about any genre you want. Guitar amp processors and drum kit designers will help you make any indie rock or alternative songs that are in your head. You can also create amazing electronic, RnB, and Hip Hop songs with this amazing software. As the leader in mobile apps, Apple has created a mobile user interface that is easy and fun to use.

KORG Module Standard

Do you ever wish that you had a grand piano in your pocket? Well, with Korg Module, you basically will. With the choice between an acoustic piano, electric piano, organ, clav, and keyboard, you will have what would once cost a recording studio thousands of dollars right in the palm of your hand. Korg has been trusted for years by artists such as Herbie Hancock, Dream Theater, OK GO, The Gorillaz, and Crystal Castles. If you want to get the same sounds as these amazing artists, go ahead and add the power of Korg to your iPhone or iPad.

Blue Raspberry Mic

Blue has always been on the cutting edge of microphone technology. If you ever find yourself in a professional studio, you will most likely find some of these beautiful microphones. The new Blue Raspberry mic has been called the ultimate mobile USB microphone for PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. This portable yet quality mic will give you the ability to take your recording studio with you wherever you go. This 24-bit studio-quality sound will bring you the technology that Blue has been providing professional studios for years. This time, it will be right in the palm of your hands. This microphone will be able to focus on your voice or the instrument you are recording while minimizing the sound of the room. The Internal Acoustic Diffuser in this microphone was thought up by using the same technology that is used to diffuse sound in recording studios and concert halls. This internal technology will help you to have a more crisp sound for your final product.

Behringer iStudio

The Behringer iStudio is a dock for your iPad that will turn your tablet into a high-quality music studio. With the use of batteries, you can use this dock anywhere your creativity strikes. With MIDI in and out, you will be able to control internal and external instruments with this dock. A video out feature will allow you to view your tablet’s screen on a much larger display. Two mic inputs will give you the freedom to place your mics around the room where they will be most needed. With individual knobs for headphones, aux, monitor, and main, you will be able to get the levels that will make your mix sound the most professional.

Studio Headphones

In any recording situation, you need to make sure that you have a great way to hear what you are recording. Studio headphones can be a great option when you are recording on the go. Having professional recording headphones will allow you to mix your songs on the train, in your dorm room, in a library, or pretty much anywhere that is convenient to you. The rugged design of this dock will protect your iPad and let your mobile recording studio last for years to come.

DigiTech iPB-10

Pedalboards are a staple for any guitar player who wants to take their performance to a whole new level. With the DigiTech iPB-10, you will be able to use your iPad as the central command for this fantastic pedal board. You will first be able to use your iPad to program the different pedals and settings you will want to switch through on your pedalboard. Once you have placed your iPad in the pedalboard holder, you will be able to have a wide array of different pedals. This is very similar to a traditional pedal board and is visually displayed this way on the iPad screen.

iRig Midi Controller

iRig has created one of the most straight forward and portable midi controllers on the market. With the choice between a 25-key or 37-key controller, you can choose more playability or more portability. The beautiful design of this midi controller will add to the professionalism of your mobile studio.

Zoom iQ6 X-Y Stereo Microphone

When you are looking to record with an attachment that fits right onto your iPhone or iPad, the Zoom iQ6 is a great option. Zoom has been a leader in the audio production industry for years and has recently started to excel in their microphones that focus on mobility. With adjustable mic angles, you will be able to pick up the sounds that you need. An adjustable wheel will help you determine microphone sensitivity right when you need it most. A handy LED clip meter will help you know if your audio is coming in too hot. A headphone port will also help you determine whether your audio is at the proper level before you start recording.

Maschine for iOS

Native Instruments has taken the music production industry by storm. Their Maschine beat creator has been used by industry giants across just about every genre. This touch pad drum machine style production box was has been one of the top sellers for years. With the introduction of a mobile version, it is easy to see that this app started to sell very well, too. With Maschine for iOS, you will be able to create great beats on the fly. You could create the instrumental for your next great hit while waiting in line at the grocery store. Once you learn the basics of this app, you will be able to create amazing beats in no time at all. The ease of use of this app is one of the reasons it is so popular.

Alesis iO Dock II

If you are looking for a sleek design for your mobile iPad studio, look no further than the iO Dock II from Alesis. This dock will allow you to connect all of your audio equipment and use them on any iOS app. With main outs, you can hear your mix on any professional studio monitors. You will also be able to use mics that require phantom power with this advanced dock. Keep all of your levels at the right spot with the individual level knobs for each XLR or quarter inch input. Easily slide in and out your iPad to create a studio that is consistent each use.

Focusrite iTrack Solo

Audio interfaces are essential to your success as a recording musician. Focusrite has created amazing audio interfaces that have changed the accessibility for musicians who want to have a beautiful sound. The Focusrite iTrack Solo will allow you to have the portability you want while still having the professional look, feel, and sound of a Focusrite pre amp audio interface. You can plug your microphone and instruments straight in to get record your ideas before they leave your mind.

Korg Nano Control

The Korg Nano Control is an innovation in portability and ease of use. When on the go, there is almost no other midi controller that is going to give you this amount of control in such a small package. Pairing this with the Korg Nano Key is also a great way to create a recording studio that could fit right into a small purse or bookbag.

Line 6 Sonic Port XV

When you are looking for a microphone that is going to give you a professional sound with portability, Line 6 is the way to go. Their Sonic Port XV is a microphone that is trusted by many touring musicians who want to record while they are on the road. This mic will give you a beautiful rugged look to your mic while allowing you to record crisp vocals and instrumentation on the fly. The amazing thing about this microphone is that it will also act as an audio interface. With left and right outputs, you can listen to your mix on studio monitors once you get back to the home studio. On the road, you can listen to your mix through the headphone output. Choosing between a quarter-inch and eighth-inch input will allow you to record different guitars and keyboards as you please.

iRig Mic HD

When you are looking for a more affordable and simple option, THe iRig Mic HD is a great option for you. Connecting straight to an iPad or iPhone, you will be able to use this microphone to record your voice or instruments without any connectors or adapters.

Manfrotto Stand

In most recording situations, it will be impossible to hold your phone up while you are recording. However, you are going to need to see what you are doing. With the Manfrotto mobile stand, you will be able to have an aesthetically pleasing tripod hold your phone up for you to see. This is a great investment for your home studio that will really bring everything together. This finishing touch will really turn your mobile phone into a full-fledged studio.
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